Kylie Cosmetics - Kits & Bundles

Kylie Cosmetics started the business as Kylie Lip Kits, and as the original name suggests, the first product launched was lip kits that consisted of a lip stick with matching lip liner. The lip kits were an instant success, with the original stocks of products selling out within hours of release. When further items were added to the Kylie Cosmetics range of quality makeup products they too were well received.

Kylie Cosmetics Kits & Bundles

Building on the success of her first product release it was only natural that Kylie Jenner would add more kits and bundles to her line. After all, Kylie understood from personal experience how important being able to have several colors available at one time so that customers could create a look that suits the current occasion. Bundles and kits are often offered at prices that allow customers to save on the cost of individual items.


Lip Kits

Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kits

Kylie Cosmetics signature product Lip Kits are available in 52 matte lip colors with matching lip liners, and 17 velvet lip colors with matching lip liners. Each kit ensures the wearer will always have the products needed to create ‘the Kylie lip’ and keep it looking fantastic hour after hour with minimum touch ups. Both products glide on smoothly and easily to give a perfect finish every time.


Eye shadow palettes

Kylie Cosmetics Eye shadow palettes

Achieving eyes that draw attention is easy provided you have the right products. The use of colors that suit the wearer’s skin tone and eye color is imperative to achieving a strikingly beautiful look. Kylie Cosmetics have nailed the use of color for the eyes, combining the right shades in a palette that provides the customer with a range of shades that can be mixed and matched for any occasion. Eye shadow palettes in the Kyshadow range hold 9 individual pans and the Pressed Powder Palette holds 14. Other palettes contain anywhere between 4 and 12 pans, and the Birthday Palette contains a whopping 20 different color pans. For those women who like to create their own palettes of favorite eye shadow shades, Kylie Cosmetics has produced an empty palette just for that very thing.


Flawlessly smooth, beautiful skin comes naturally to some women, but for most, it takes a little clever use of the right makeup products to achieve that seemingly effortless look. The right concealer, blush, and highlighter can turn natural beauty into a face that has all of a woman’s best features accentuated. Adding highlighter is a great way to turn a daywear look quickly and efficiently into a look that is perfect for evening.

The Wet Set Pressed Illuminating Powder Palette

The Wet Set Pressed Illuminating Powder Palette by Kylie Cosmetics

The Wet Set Pressed Illuminating Powder Palette contains 4 beautiful shades: Privacy Please (silvery champagne), Do Not Disturb (pinky silver), Unbothered (rose gold) and Get A Way (deepened champagne gold).

The Weather Collection Highlighter Palette

The Weather Collection Highlighter Palette by Kylie Cosmetics

The Weather Collection Highlighter Palette contains 4 pressed illuminating powder pans in the shades of Cloud 9 (shimmering gold), Stratus (shimmering silver champagne), Daydream (shimmering bronze with silver glitter) and Golden Hour (pale gold). Both products have been designed to glide on easily and smoothly for that perfect finishing touch.

Kylie's Favourites

Kylie's January Favorites Bundle

Kylie's January Favorites Bundle

One of the best ways to take advantage of the price savings over purchasing individual makeup products is to buy a ready-to-go bundle. At almost half the price of buying each item separately, Kylie’s January Favorites offers convenience and cost savings, and includes Kylie's January Favorites Bundle includes a Sorta Sweet Palette, a Bare Velvet Lip Kit, a Tahiti Ultra Glow, a Sugar Plum Gloss, the warm Brown Kyliner, gorgeous Posie K Matte Liquid Lipstick and the Coconut Lip Liner. In addition, Kylie Cosmetics puts together holiday bundles for special occasions that are typically only available for a limited time.