KKW Beauty - Eyes

Kim Kardashian's Eyes with Eye shadow

While it may be clichéd, it is still believed that the eyes are the windows to the soul. It certainly is true that a woman’s eyes can speak volumes, and so it is no wonder that in order to attract attention a woman will spend a lot of time, energy and often money to emphasize what is arguably her best facial feature.

Kim Kardashian West of KKW Beauty understands only too well how important the eyes are and has produced a range of beauty products accordingly. From eyeliner to mascara and eye shadows Kim’s range of eye makeup products are designed to accentuate the natural beauty and mystery of a woman’s eyes, making them the focal point of her face. KKW Beauty has also bundled together some of the most popular products to make it easier for Kim’s customers to experiment and change things up for both night and day looks that will attract positive attention.

Eyeliner & Mascara

Glam Bible Eyeliner

Glam Bible Eyeliner

Every woman needs the quintessential eyeliner, and KKW Beauty’s eyeliner is the perfect solution. In classic Black, the eyeliner is formulated to make application smooth and easy, with a beautiful result in just one stroke.

Glam Bible Mascara

Glam Bible Mascara

Long, sexy lashes that appear to go on forever is what women strive for, and although many mascara products claim to provide just that many fall short of that claim. Not so with KKW Beauty’s Glam Bible Mascara. Just one coat will provide luxurious lashes that are fuller and longer, framing the eye perfectly. Glides on easily and lasts.

Eye Shadows

KKW Beauty eye shadows come in palettes packed with complimenting colors so whether dressing up for a romantic date or for work, Kim’s customers will always have the right shades to ensure they feel confident in knowing they look their best at all times.

Glam Bible Palette

Glam Bible Palette

Consists of 6 beautiful smoky shades of Matte Creamy Ivory, Matte Rose, Metallic Smoky Silver, Matte Warm Grey, Matte Warm Brown, and Matte Black. This set has been designed to ensure any woman can achieve that sultry smoky eye look that is perfect for a romantic evening. Each of the shades can be applied dry or wet, with brushes or smoothed on with the fingertips. Everything shade a woman could need for glamorous smoky eyes is included in this versatile palette.

KKW X MARIO 10 Pan Eye shadow Palette

KKW X MARIO Eye shadow Palette

Just as the name states, there are 10 beautiful shades designed to add accent to eyes. Shades included in this beautiful palette of exotic eye shadows are 2008 (Metallic Icy Silver), Decade (Matte Peachy Cream), Glam (Metallic Rustic Gold), Albania (Matte Brick Red), Miami (Matte Warm Caramel Brown), Vegas (Metallic Deep Burgundy), Armenian (Metallic Bright Light Gold), Libra (Metallic Cobalt Blue), Loyalty (Matte Deep Chocolate Brown), and Bronzy (Metallic Coppery Gold Flecked Bronze). Shadows can be applied with brushes or fingertips, dry or wet, to give a pearlized finish.

Classic Palette and Classic Blossom Palette

Classic and Classic Blossom Palette

Both palettes contain 10 gorgeous shades of eye shadow formulated to provide color that will enhance the wearer’s eyes. Colors in the Classic Palette are Saint (Metallic Champagne), Florence (Matte Yellow Brown), Selfish (Matte Terracotta), Calabasas (Matte Light Brown), Chicago (Metallic Bronze), Fade (Matte Creamy Beige), Dash (Warm Taupe Matte), North (Copper Metallic), Family (Matte Red Brown) and Gemini (Matte Deep Brown). Colors in the Classic Blossom Palette include warm pinks and red tones, namely Chi (Matte Light Pink), Japan (Matte Pale Baby Pink), Baby (Matte Light Saddle Brown), Tree (Matte Soft Pinky Beige), Samurai (Vibrant Metallic Rose Gold), West (Icy Metallic Rose Gold), Cherry (Stunning Metallic Cranberry), Season (Shimmery Matte Deep Purple), Blossom (Metallic Reddish Brown) and Hanami (Matte Burgundy).


Bundles are available that include an array of eye shadow colors along with the applicator tools required to give a flawless finish. Bundles offer the customer the opportunity to save when purchasing and become the proud owner of some of the most beautiful eye makeup created for today’s woman.