When two women, both successful in the cosmetic business, collaborate to create a collection of makeup products there is a very high chance that the combined experience and talent will produce something spectacular. This is certainly the case this time. Through the combined efforts of Kylie Cosmetics founder and owner Kylie Jenner, and founder and owner of KKW Beauty and half-sister Kim Kardashian, the KKW X Collection was born.

KKW X Collection

Both beauties in their own right these two sisters have incredibly good taste in makeup and have drawn a huge social media following in part because of beauty tips the two women are happy to pass on to their devoted followings. Social media influencers many young women turn to the Kardashian-Jenner women to see what the latest makeup trends are, and to try to emulate the stunningly sexy makeup looks they are known for.

Kylie, known for the ‘Kylie Lip’ and Kim, known for the contouring makeup technique, are both adept at using their skills to use color to create a look that women around the world can wear. Whether it be a confident look for women in business or the sultry, smoky look for a romantic evening, the use of the right colors and tones is crucial. Hence the creation of the KKW X Collection, an almost one-size-fits-all kind of kit, that can take the user from a woman in power during the day to a woman in love at night.

KKW X First Collection Lipstick Set

The KKW X Collection is the second product Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian West have collaborated on, and given the success of the first one, it is of little surprise that this one is popular with customers and fans alike. This time the carefully selected shades in the collection are ideal for creating that gorgeous, sexy and sultry lip look that is perfect for romantic occasions and nightwear.

KKW X Lipstick Set

This collection consists of two matte liquid lipsticks that have been formulated with moisturizing components to keep lips supple and silky. Being a liquid formulation, this lipstick applies easily and smoothly and has the added advantage of being long-lasting. A quick touchup at the end of the workday will have the color lasting throughout the evening. Colors in this collection are Soul Sister, a brilliant brick red shade, and Double Trouble, a gorgeous red chestnut color.

KKW X Velvet Lipstick
KKW X Matte Lipstick

In addition to the two matte lip colors, this collection includes 1 velvet liquid lipstick in the Twinning color, a rosy terracotta shade. Like the matte liquid lipsticks, the velvet liquid lipstick is easy to apply and maintains its beautiful appearance for hours, requiring a very little touch up to keep it looking great for hours.

KKW X Lipstick
KKW X Gloss

For an extra punch of color and shine, the KKW X Kylie Collection includes the Main Bae bronzed copper lip gloss. For women who like to create that wet, shiny, luscious look, adding gloss either over top of a favorite shade of lipstick or wearing the gloss on its own will provide the perfect look. The formulation of this gloss includes vitamin E to provide moisture and prevent the lips from drying out. As with all of the KKW X Kylie Collection lip products this gloss is long-lasting, requiring very little effort to apply or to maintain its glossy appearance for hours.