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Kylie Cosmetics Makeup For Face

When a woman wants to make a good impression and feel confident that she looks her best she ensures her makeup is perfect for the occasion. With Kylie Cosmetics products achieving that confident, flawless look is made easy. Top quality concealers, blushes and more all contribute to the perfect finish.


Kylie Cosmetics Concealers

A good concealer is crucial to attaining that perfectly smooth, flawless look to a woman’s complexion, which is why applying Kylie Cosmetics Skin Concealer to spots, dark circles under the eyes and other imperfections is important. The product can be worn alone or with setting powder, and with a huge 30 shades ranging from Pearl to Cocoa, there is a shade for every skin color and tone.


Kylie Cosmetics Blushes

Available in single compacts Kylie Cosmetics Blushes come in 6 versatile colors. The formula is matte pressed powder, which makes the product easy to apply exactly where desired. The colors include Hopeless Romantic (matte orange-red), Hot and Bothered (bright pinky coral), Winter Kissed (powder pink), X Rated (subdued tangerine), Barely Legal (soft baby pink) and Virginity (vibrant warm pink). For customers who like to change their look often and like to save money, the Blush Bundle is a great choice. 5 of the 6 blush colors are included: Hopeless Romantic (matte orange-red), Hot and Bothered (bright pinky coral), X Rated (subdued tangerine), Virginity (vibrant warm pink) and Barely Legal (soft baby pink). With this set, there isn’t an occasion a woman won’t be ready for.


Kylie Cosmetics Highlighters

Kylie Cosmetics offers several styles of highlighters, with arguably their most popular being the cleverly named Kylighter pressed illuminating powder highlighter range. Available in 6 beautiful shades such as French Vanilla (soft icy gold), Banana Split (vibrant yellow gold), Strawberry Shortcake (warm mid-tone pink), Chocolate Cherry (warm coppery bronze), Salted Caramel (warm mid-tone gold) and Cotton Candy (soft light peach). Other highlighters include the Ultra Glow loose illuminating powder highlighter range with colors Wisteria (shimmering soft lavender), Santorini (shimmering silver champagne), Tahiti (shimmering light rose gold), Fiji (shimmering soft gold) and Lightning Bolt (light champagne gold with blue glitter).

As with most of the other Kylie Cosmetics lines highlighters are packaged in bundles to provide customers with the opportunity to not only save on the price of individual items but also have the advantage of several great highlighter colors in one package for convenience. The Wet Set contains 4 shades, the Kylighter bundle has 6 individual packages in the bundle, and The Weather Collection has 4.


Top quality face products are only part of the equation that adds up to a flawless, beautiful makeup look. The other integral part of the equation is how those products are applied, and Kylie Cosmetics understands this better than most. That is why Kylie Cosmetics has produced a range of brushes for every makeup need.

The brushes available are:

Kylie Brushes #1 to #4
  • #1 Large Powder Brush - for blending face and body powders.
  • #2 Large Stippling Brush - a multi-purpose face and body brush great for blending liquid or cream makeup.
  • #3 Medium Tapered Brush - for applying Kylighter, Ultra Glow, or setting powder.
  • #4 Dense Powder Brush - for applying blush and bronzer powder.
Kylie Brushes #5 to #8
  • #5 Angled Face Brush - for blending and contouring precisely.
  • #6 Rounded Blush Brush - for precise blush and contour application.
  • #7 Medium Stippling Brush - for blending liquid, cream or powder highlight.
  • #8 Small Fluff Brush - for applying highlighter and setting under eyes.
Kylie Brushes #9 to #12
  • #9 Fan Brush - for sweeping powder highlight on cheekbones, bridge of nose, brow bone or cupids bow.
  • #10 Large Shader Brush - a multi-purpose face brush for applying color on eyelid or brow bone, and for nose contouring/precise highlight application.
  • #11 Angled Blending Brush - for applying highlighter and soft eye shadow.
  • #12 Medium Shader Brush - for applying all over lid powder.
Kylie Brushes #13 to #16
  • #13 Small Shader Brush - for precise application of powder, cream eye shadows or concealer.
  • #14 Concealer Brush - for cream or liquid application.
  • #15 Tapered Blending Brush - for applying and blending transition colors in the crease.
  • #16 Small Smudge Brush - a dome shaped brush for smudging eyeliner or for creating a smoky eye.